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Mr. Barry DeSain
Our Lady of Mercy School for Young Women Grades 6-12
1437 Blossom Rd. Rochester, NY 14610
Science Department Curriculum Leader/Chair
JV Soccer Head Coach
Chair of the Academic Strategic Plan Committee
Moderator of Improv Club:
Improv Club Web APP for iPHONE and all APPLE products here:
Improv Club APP(Available on Android phones in the Android Market) Search: Mercy Improv

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Earth Science Homework: Due Weds May 23: Pages for Ch.13- Geologic History of NYS AND Ch.13 Outline.

Due Monday May 21: Rev. Bk. Regents Exam Aug '10-ALL AND Ch. 13 Vocab.

APPLIED SCIENCE FINAL EXAM- IN CLASS June 6th and 7th. Practice Cases Due Tuesday June 5th- We will review your expectations and grading of final in class on June 5th.

Applied Science: Forensic Science FINAL PROJECT DUE JUNE 5th

1. Original Case Outline
2. YOUR Case Outline
3. Paragraph about HOW you will Present/Publish YOUR Case

Due Tuesday: Mystery Elements sheets- watch any mystery you wish and fill out the during and after outlines.
Toxins: Ch.16 outline Due Thursday May 17th Example case- Georgi Markov Secrets of the Dead
6. Blood Final Activity- Area of Convergence Due Thursday May 17 at end of class.
5. Blood Spatter LAB Due Tues May 15.
4. Blood Spatter online- DUE May 14. Link
3.Zodiac Cipher code-Due Friday May 11-code wheel work Weds.May 9
2.Ch.14 due Weds. May 9.
1.Lab Blood Typing Tues May 8, finish in class.

Due Weds May 2nd- Ch.19 Outline.
Forgery Detection:

1. Scientifically analyze your assigned Code A-# sample. Look for distinguishing marks, lines, angles, loops, dots, etc.
2. Using your analysis from A, determine which B-# sample matches your assigned A sample. JUSTIFY your conclusions with observational
evidence matching from A-#.
3. List matching distinguishing features from A-# and B-#.
4. Using the written out checks, determine the author (by name) of your sample.

Due by Thursday April 26th.(Monday for Seniors due to retreat) In Forensics for Newbies- Read Ch.9 and 11 and complete chapter outline for both

Speaker from Monday April 23rd: Dr. S- presentation: WARNING SOME DISTURBING Autopsy CONTENT

Notes on Forensic Entomology

Fingerprint Article: 5pts Read the article however you want-Aloud, in groups, on your own
In your journal Create(12pts) and Answer(12pts) 1 question from each level of Bloom's Taxonomy-6 questions total
Bloom's Taxonomy:

FINGERPRINT Vocab: FINGERPRINT QUIZ Next Tuesday based on Ch.5 AND:


Daily Challenge #11:

Fun Challenge Time. This is a case based in reality- the Wild West. A Gold Mine, a team of experts and a Subaru
Your task: Try to solve the case as quickly as possible. Finding Gold Nuggets gives you bonus % to make up for time spent solving the case.
The first time I completed, scored 106% Show me your best score.
How many can you get on the first try out of 10? I got 8/10,

Due Wednesday March 21: CRIME SCENE 3D drawing on Google SKETCHUP-Directions in page

APP SCI Crime Scene Sketch


Assessment for this Crime Scene:
You will write down all relevant and necessary information in your journal during the investigation.
Once the investigation concludes: EVERYONE is to write down what they believe happened including:
1. Write a narrative(story) about the crime including:
A.Set the scene- day, date, time, address, location in room, lighting, weather, vehicles, nearby bus/train routes, nearby stores, Evidence found!
B.What happened before the crime occurred? Which suspects/victims/witnesses were involved?
C.What happened during the crime?
D.What happened after the crime occurred?
2. What did you learn about the role you played?


Swimming through kelp forest-http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WRsfWraeFjA&feature=related
THE SEAWEED LADY- Bull Kelp- fastest growing "plant" on the planet(sound is low,turn up the volume)-http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bWAGgZCZ5sg
Kelp Dive- great views of kelp make up-http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JH2XVblCs5k&feature=relatedDetailed PBS kelp video:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v_aSl3iL7rM&feature=related
NOT for 2011-2012: KELP BUSINESS PROJECT http://zunal.com/webquest.php?w=3668 Kelp business example videos:1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LtI5lQoeHZ0 2.Health Benefits-http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yK3RG8e-8iE 3.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VImjrxeiaCE&feature=related
KELP HARVESTING INFO-You NEED to know this for business plan- http://www.ucsc.edu/news_events/text.asp?pid=1771 Next section-http://www.lenfestocean.org/publications/springer_underlying_report.pdf ||

Marine Biology Ch.5 Test Thursday January 5th
Tuesday Jan.3: In-class: Viruses videos and time to work on studying.
Wednesday Jan.4: Review Ch.5
Thursday Jan 5: Test Ch.5
Friday Jan 6: Ch.6 Intro videos

Ch. 5 reading assessment on Weds. Dec.21st
Active Reading: Try a new Activity, Style and way to Engage.
DUE Thursday Dec. 22: 2 of 3 Review activities for Ch.5:
1. Flipbook- directions in your Ch.5 Notes
2.Question sheet on Ch.5
3.Review Chart

Due Fri. Dec. 16: Self reflection quote and your interpretation of it. 3 questions on self reflect and ch.1.
Due Wednesday Dec. 14-Active Reading for Ch.1
Monday Dec.12In Class-Learning Active Reading System- HW Active Reading in Marine Bio book Ch.1
Wednesday Dec.14-Due Wednesday-Active Reading for Ch.1

MARINE BIOLOGY-Hydrothermal Vents!!!!!!!!!!
Monday Dec.5: Work on test answers
Tuesday Dec.6: Work on test answers
DUE Weds. Dec 7:Test Research Answers- WHOLE TEST/ create own review sheet/review activity.
Thursday Dec.8: Review for Test
Friday Dec.9: TEST Hydrothermal Vents!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday Nov.28:Correct Quiz/Begin article 1
Tuesday Nov.29: Article 1 summary for first 3 sections DUE.
Wednesday Nov.30: 1. Full article 1 summary DUE by end of class/ 2.begin article 1 questions when finished/ 3.Research test next.
Thursday Dec.1: 1. Article 1 Questions DUE by end of class/ 2. Work on Test answers Part I
Friday Dec.2: 1. Test answers Part I DUE end of class and Hydrothermal Vent notes(By Mr. DeSain)

Article 1:

Summarize article linked above by section-7 sections.
1. What surprised you?
2. How would you explain what you just read to someone that has never heard of this before?
3. How is life possible at those depths?
4. What is the major source of food?
5. What is chemosynthesis?
6. How does the Earth help create these vents?
7. What examples can you think of for chemosynthetic animals that live on land?
8. How would you classify these animals based on our Observation Lab-list 3 animals and possible Phylum
9. What is the relationship between vent animals and others in the ocean?
10. How would you predict where the vents would form?

QUIZ Tuesday Nov. 22 on Ch.16 and the NOTES YOU CREATE

Base Price
Base size
Price per gallon
Price per 1000 gallons

Wegmans Bottled
$3.99 per case
406.5fl.oz= 3.17gallons

Rochester Tap
$0.00257 per gallon
128fl.oz=one gallon

1.WEGMANS(TM) Price at East Ave. store according to the website on Oct.28th, 2011= $3.99/case http://www.wegmans.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/ProductDisplay?productId=354942&storeId=10052&langId=-1
2.One case =406.5fl.oz
3.One gallon of water=128fl.oz.
4.Price per 1000 gallons of water in Rochester=$2.57, According to the Monroe County Water Authority as on Oct.28th, 2011. http://www.mcwa.com/MyWater/WaterRates.aspx

Due Oct.31- Final ACTION Project persuasive presentation-Rubric:

In-class Oct. 20: Research on water testing.
For each of our tests, we will have one group research one test we conducted on the water samples:
They were: 1.Free Cl 2.Total Cl 3.Iron 4.Copper 5.Total Nitrate 6.Total Nitrite 7.pH 8.Total Alkalinity 9.Total Hardness
Use MSDS Sheets, the EPA or USGS to help your research.
Look into these areas:
1. Is it dangerous?
2. What dangers can it pose?
3. In what concentration is it dangerous?
4. Where might it come from to be in the water?
5. What was the amount in our water tests?
6. Is that amount from #5 dangerous?
7. Are there health benefits? What are they?

PRESENTATION DRAFT for ACTION due Monday Oct.24th.
ACTION Project (Applied Cares Through Initiatives On ...-any ideas for the N?)
- worth 15 points on your HW grade.
1.WHAT IS YOUR PURPOSE? One or two sentences.
2.How will you accomplish this? At least 4 sentences.
Things to consider: -Laws: local, state and national, copyright law, donations laws and tax exemptions for donors.
-Informing people.
-Will you need help?
-Who will you be helping?

Research what needs to be done.
A.How will you be able to do this?
B.Who do you need permission from?
C.How will you get permission?
D.Is this something that people want to happen?
E.How will you support/convince them they will benefit from this?

Create a persuasive argument to gather support or seek permission for your cause.
Any media may be used
Keep your audience in mind-Why would they agree to work with you or donate to you?



Make up Labs ASAP-Make an appt for a morning or afternoon time with Mr. DeSain

Applied Science-

HW: Environmental awareness paper DUE TUESDAY MAY 31.
Paper: You will write a two page[TYPED Times New Roman font size 12 spaced 1.5] paper based upon the Why Bother article
and your responses to the survey in class. The question you will write about is: WHY BOTHER???
Grade is based upon clearly stating your opinion and supporting that position using your own experiences and other sources of knowledge.
Please cite in MLA format on a third page- the citations DO NOT COUNT AS part of the two page requirement.

This article is exactly what I want you all to read and consider.


Awesome Radical Science Sites:
MERCY WeatherBug Live Data: http://www.whec.com/weathercameras/ click on Local at top of window and click on us on the map- you can also make the station your default by clicking below the thermometer.

WeatherBug Live Camera: http://www.whec.com/weathercameras/ then click on ours.
Full weather station data, graphs, charts, Hourly and Daily Forecasts.-http://weather.weatherbug.com/weather-safety/online-weather-center/OnlineWeatherCenter.aspx?aid=2 you need to navigate to ours on the map by clicking the Stations tab, the program just started Tuesday so it does not have a search yet.

NEW VERSION(2010) OF REFERENCE TABLE: -these should be delivered by January by the state.



EVALUATING WEBSITES FOR AUTHENTICITY: http://www2.vuw.ac.nz/staff/alastair_smith/evaln/evaln.htm

Future Technology Project development:
What kinds of things are we talking about- here are videos with some examples-
There are many videos at the bottom with tech and green tech.

Basic outlines help and research:

How products are made- http://www.madehow.com/

10 innovative projects- http://www.techlearning.com/article/1640

NASA Students- http://www.nasa.gov/audience/forstudents/9-12/index.html

Inventors Museum: http://www.inventorsmuseum.com/related/museum_map.htm?

Projects at High Tech High


Teacher Resource Center: LInC Projects

Research Projects in Renewable Energy for High School Students

NPR Science/tech site: http://www.sciencefriday.com/

Cal-Berkeley Future Transportation: http://www.lib.berkeley.edu/news_events/futuristics/
Everyday technology:
--- Radical DiscoverMagazine tech article- http://discovermagazine.com/2008/oct/08-10-everyday-technologies-that-can-change-the-world

REAL INNOVATION PRODUCTS-2007 http://images.businessweek.com/ss/07/07/0720_IDEA/index_01.htm

Video and presentations help:
BBC Film making tips: http://www.bbc.co.uk/videonation/contribute/tips/

Film making tips for students K-12: http://kidsvid.altec.org/


1. Open the program
2. Find the 360 rotation button and Move around the center line using the 360 button
3. Draw a line, then connect two more to make a triangle
4. Moving up, create a 3D line off of one of the points in the triangle
5. create a total 3D triangle
6. Using the rectangle tool create a rectangle in 3D-any size
7. create a 3D cylinder- using the circle tool-any size
8. create a staircase with 4 steps going up or down-any size
9. create a 3D arch from the bottom step to the top step-any size
10. create a rectangle- now create an M using the line tool- make sure you connect lines all the way across the rectangle to the sides
11. using the push/pull tool make two sections of the M move down, move the others up
12. Make a house- at least two stories, any type of roof, and at least 10 windows.
13. Using the letters APP SCI- create a logo for our class in 3D.
14. go to these websites, and draw any product on either: http://images.businessweek.com/ss/07/07/0720_IDEA/index_01.htm

I want you to write me an email (bdesain@mercyhs.com) if internet is not available you may write it on paper, based on:
Write a paragraph or more on each of the following questions:
1. Who is a hero to you? Are they real or imagined? Why do you consider them a hero?
2. Identify characteristics that are common to heroes, and recognize qualities that are exceptional in certain heroes.
3. Heroes can be any type of person who has accomplished an inspiring action, discuss how, using examples from real or comic world.
4.What constitutes a hero? Why do you believe in those qualities?
5.What qualities do certain heroes have that make them exceptional?
6.When have we seen a situation give rise to an unconventional hero or heroine=(female hero)?
7. How do the pressures heroes face parallel your own pressures in life?
8. How do you try to face those pressures? What do you do to deal with them?
9. How are you a leader and/or helper for those around you?
10. Who do you try to lead or help?
11. Why do you do this? How does it parallel a hero?
12. Do you think anyone has ever thought of you as a hero? (I bet many people have, think of at least one)

Grading Criteria 5 points for each question with an additional 5 points for each categoryCategories
A. Thorough examination of question #1
B.Appropriate analysis of hero #2-6
C.Appropriate analysis of your parallel to heroes #7-11
D.Well-written and grammatically correct text
E.Appropriate incorporation of research materials-articles, videos, comics
F. Recognizing you are a hero-#12

http://www.350.org/ THEH

Teaching Green:
Monday-Nov.2: General Research- State of your topic- Why is this an environmental issue?
Where is it an issue?
How much does it/can it affect the environment if not addressed by humans?
What statistics are out there to explain the situation/circumstances?
When did this problem start? -Is there a specific event/person/company that began the problem?
What major events have occurred with this issue in the past year? 5 years? 15years? 30 years? 100years?
Find major companies/research/universities/activist groups/websites devoted to addressing this issue.
What do all these places have in common? What ties them together?
Do they share similar motivations for addressing the issue?
What are the reasons they address the issue?
Most places are looking for support or public awareness- How are these places doing this?

Where is this issue heading? Who is leading the charge? How?
What can you do to help?

Moving toward action in climate.
Link to Maldives episode:

Create a Text file in Notepad to answer these questions. To hand it in, post it as a FILE on the OLMGreen Group. EACH Student will create their own FILE.

Name: _ Date: _Research Guide: Assessing SourcesEvaluating the credibility and validity of a resource can be very difficult, particularly when doingresearch using the Internet. Below are some basic guidelines to help you select reliable resources anduse those to learn accurate information about a given subject.
Characteristics of Reliable Sources
A. Authority: Who is sponsoring the information? The URL can provide information about the originof the resource. The following are examples of ways you can determine the type of organization thatis sponsoring the content for a specific websiteSites ending in…..edu -are usually educational institutions and generally a good source of information..gov -are government websites and usually good sources for statistical information.org -are typically non-profit organizations often set up as a public service. Be on the lookout forpolitical agendas and biases.
Example: If you are looking for information about gun control, then you might check .gov sites forstatistics related to gun ownership, laws, etc. Sites affiliated with specific biases on gun ownershipwill probably be listed a .org sites (handguncontrol.org or nrahg.org).

B. Blogs- While interesting, these are usually not fact-based and as a general rule should not be used forconducting research.

C. Online magazines or journals- These articles often contain a detailed bibliography and site specific resources as evidence for claimsand statistics.
D. Online news sources-Virtually every network and cable news station has an online site as do local affiliates. It is important to realize that while they do provide news, they are also involved in the entertainment industry andmay present some information that is opinion vs. fact-based.
E. Television/Internet video news broadcasts- When viewing video, keep in mind that if it is not from a source that can be accurately documented with origin, date, and key information like who, what, when, where, why and how, then the source may not be credible.
1. Accuracy: Sources for the factual content on the site are clear. There is someoneverifying the accuracy of the information being presented. Verify theauthor’s credentials.
Example: Dr. Robert Green is sited as a physician who was in charge of a study thatproduced specific results or the Center for Disease control provided certainstatistical data.
2. Objectivity: The content is provided for public service or educational use. These sites usuallyprovide links to additional information and are free of advertising for productsrelated to the topic.3. Timeliness: The date of the information and/or the last update is clearly stated on the page.

Gathering Facts to Develop an Informed Opinion Directions: Utilize NOW resources (http://www.pbs.org/now) and other reliable sources (based onwhat you learned from the Research Guide: Assessing Sources handout) to form a fact-basedopinion about the topic of your choice. Work with your table to complete steps 1-2 below.
Step 1: My topic/country is: This can be your presentation topic, OR a new one, use other group pages to help and finding new resources should be limited as we have gathered a great amount as a class.
Step 2: Complete the questions below as you take notes from a variety (at least 6) resources that represent more than one point of view about your topic. Utilize additional note taking sheets if needed.
Example: Source # 1: A. Name of Resource B. Internet Address C. Facts Learned
Source # 2: A. Name of Resource B. Internet Address C. Facts Learned
Step 3: Based on the facts you learned about the topic, write a sentence that accurately reflects youropinion about the topic.- Working with table, but writing and thinking individually, each students will create own opinion and others at table will not judge that opinion.
Step 4: List/describe the emotions and personal experiences that contributed to the formation ofyour opinion.
Step 5: List two of the strongest arguments that opponents will have aboutyour opinion and provide fact-based proof to refute these arguments.Example: Argument # 1 Against My Opinion:
Fact-based Proof to Refute Arguments (note the source as well)
Argument # 2 Against My Opinion:
Fact-based Proof to Refute Arguments (note
the source as well).

STOP HERE- END of Activity/Lab- Please Post your FILE to the Google Group-OLMGreen at this time.

Take Action Project:For the projects in the list below choose 3 to draw attention to your issue and illustrate your opinion about it.
Include sourced facts (see your earlier research for project and lab from last two days) in your project.

• Create a flyer designed to increase awareness of your opinion and encourage people to take what you believe is appropriate action related to this issue.

• Write a letter to the editor expressing your point of view and refuting possible arguments against your opinion using the facts you’ve learned from your research.

• Create a public awareness campaign that supports your opinion by designing a billboard, bumper sticker, commercial that uses facts to support your opinion. Remember, less is more in this medium,so don’t be too wordy. Be clever and fact-based.

- Create a Google Group OLMGreen Page- Designed to rally people together and give them a place to think/discuss/ create content online. -Do not have to actually create a website, but plan what will be there and explain how it will support and gather people to your issue.

• Other: Develop your own project idea and get teacher approval before beginning.

TWO OF THE THREE ARE DUE TODAY, the third is due SUNDAY12/6 by 11:59PM
To "hand-in" projects you will use your choice of:
1. OLMGreen group-posting files or creating pages.
2. Google Docs and give me the website for your project(s)
3. email me- bdesain@mercyhs.com

Pick one person that is able to affect the environment in a significant manner.
You will research that person and all they are able to do to create change.
-I want you to find 3 articles about them.

-Create a speech, plan, or a law to help create change. Must be at least 3 "pages" long if using Word. You are presenting this at Copenhagen.
Areas of consideration for writing: 1.What would you want to say? 2.Who is your target audience? 3.What purpose do you have for speaking/writing? 4.Who/what will this help? 5.How will it help? 6. Why will it help? 7.What will you do to make sure it is a message that is heard? 8.What drew you to this cause? 9. What have you done so far? 10. How have you brought/rallied others to the cause? 11. How is the area of concern being addressed?

To hand in: Create a page in Google Group Named: Your Name-Green Activist
3 resources due today.
Writing due Weds.12/9

PRACTICE FOR BEACH PROFILE QUIZ: http://www3.interscience.wiley.com:8100/legacy/college/skinner/0471152285/drag_dropacts/ch18/fig_18_17_fixed_size.htm

Beach Profile Activity: http://www3.interscience.wiley.com:8100/legacy/college/skinner/0471152285/drag_dropacts/ch18/fig_18_17_fixed_size.htm
Barrier Island: http://www.nasa.gov/mpg/135636main_Barriier%20Islands%20after%20Katr_presentation%20MPEG_1.mpg

Beach deposition Simulation: http://www.uky.edu/AS/Geology/howell/goodies/elearning/module14swf.swf
Ocean Currents Animation: http://bcs.whfreeman.com/thelifewire/content/chp58/5802003.htmlDesalination: http://www.oceanit.com/images/stories/Consulting_Engineering/Desal_Kalaeloa/Oceanit_desal_VOtodd_v1b-HI.wmv
I AM EL NINO: http://esminfo.prenhall.com/science/geoanimations/animations/26_NinoNina.htmlMid-Term Outline:
Part I: Multiple Choice- Directly from notes. Test directions-Part I: Multiple Choice. Please select the correct answer following each question. Please write your answer on the answer sheet provided.

NOTES You need: Storms notes (Hurricanes, Tornadoes, Blizzards, Tropical Storms, Ice Storms), low pressure(CCW), high Pressure(CW),layers of atmosphere, instruments, all vocab, dangers of specific types of storm,
Ocean notes (Beaches-mainly vocab-, ocean zones-depth, flora, fauna, general ocean facts(including percentages- ex:71% of Earth's surface is ocean) acidification, pH change(with percentage), Great Pacific Garbage Patch (currents-California and Kuroshio),
chaos theory- definition.
Climate conference- location in 2009.
countries in danger of flooding from sea level rise.

Part II: Exact directions on test-Part II: Short answer, reading analysis. You will read a short section from selected readings from the first semester as well as some new material. For each you will be asked general comprehension questions as well as overall themes and connections to our covered topics.
Write answers on this test.

Reading I: 11 questions- Three sections of the article- Chaos Theory and the Dark Knight- By Dr. David Pincus Created Jul 21 2008 - 3:20pm http://www.psychologytoday.com if you want to read through it again.

Reading II: From the Environmental Protection Agency website- new article about global warming, greenhouse effect, greenhouse gases, industry. 5 questions.

Reading III: From the Environmental Protection Agency website- new article on sea level rise. 6 questions

Reading IV: New article- 2 questions and Essay I. essays are two pages. Write a formal explanation of your position on the issue. Using the information in the article-(at least 5 facts or parts) state your position clearly, support that position with the information, ethical and moral reasons, practical reasons, possible scientific benefits, why you are correct, why your friend should vote this way, and tell your friend what to vote for, cause they are your best friend, they believe you.

Reading V: Climate Change- Scandal named “Climategate” First is a general article, second an article saying climate change is real and third is saying climate change is fake. Please read all three articles. When completed, write a persuasive essay- using information in the stories (whether real or fake, and at least 10 pieces of information) to convince someone of your view.
For each piece of information used from an article please number it to help you keep track.
The essay must be at least 2 pages, written on your mid-term packet.

Practice test in microsoft Word old version:
Answers: Word old version: