Article Selection._._.Date

Scientific Article Reading and Summary

1. Select an article from a reliable source pertaining to recent curricular discussion.

2.Read the article carefully, looking up or writing out any unfamiliar vocabulary or concepts.

3.Write a one page summary of the article in annotated bibliography style in the following format:
Sentence 1: Overview of article
Sentences 2-6: Summary of 4 main pieces of information in article.
Sentence 7: How does this article relate to our curriculum?
Sentence 8: What is your opinion on the information you learned?

Assessment of your summary:

2 points: Proper heading and Citation of article-MLA format[including author, title, source, date]
2 points: Sentence 1.
10 points: Sentences 2-6.
3 points: Sentence 7.
3 points: Sentence 8.