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Environmental Unit: Water

DUE TUESDAY- TV Commercial for Water. Any angle/viewpoint you have.

Commercial Resources for you:
Outlining and Planning your commercial to make sense:

Video shooting basics:

In Class:
Tapped: Continuous set of questions given out in class.

The commercials are the end of Water Part 1. The commercial counts as your test grade, Make sure you check your rubric!

Water Part 2: Local water and what are you doing with your water.

All work for this section is due on Thursday Oct. 18th.

Assignment 1: Please write your answers on a separate sheet of paper to be handed in.
Start Here: Intro
On This page:
1.How much money does the bottled water industry make per year?
2.How much more expensive can bottled water be than tap?
3.What is the example of a flat out lie told by a water company that is now out of business?
4.What are some of the water source names on bottled water?
Next page: Behind the labels
5.What are the different sources for groundwater available to humans?
6. What are the steps in the Hydro-7 process used by Aquafina? Check it out here also:
Next Page: Bottled Water Regulations
7.Who regulates bottled water?
8.Who regulates tap water?
9.Why are they different?
10.What are the FDA regulations? List them.
11. What is the IBWA?
12. Do all bottled water companies need to comply by the same rules?

Next Page: Controversy-Under- regulation: Bottled Vs Tap
13.Which is healthier? Why?
14.Flouride? What is important about it?
15. Purity?
Next Page: Ecological Controversy
18.What is PET?
19. What is BIOTA using as bottles?
20.Does recycling always happen?
END Assignment 1.

Assignment 2: Keep track of your water usage.

Assignment 3: Article: There's Something Fishy in the Genesee-again.
Genesee River Article Questions:
By Jeremy Moule. City Newspaper. December 24, 2008

1. What do you think of when you hear about the Genesee?
2. Why is it a good indicator for the river if sturgeon stay healthy?
3. What positive things does the Genesee do for Rochester?
4. What dangers past and present occur in the Genesee?
5. What can still threaten the river today?
6. Create your own Bloom's Level 4 question and answer it.
7. Create your own Bloom's Level 5 question and answer it.

Assignment 4: Article Selection 1. Topic: Local Tap Water.
First: Find a LOCAL article involving Rochester tap water.
Second: Write a summary of the article in 5 sentences.
Sentence 1 = The main idea of topic in the article.
Sentences 2 and 3= What information does the article explain about the main topic?
Sentence 4 and 5= Compare and/or contrast the information in the article to what you know about tap water.
Third: For the article, create 5 questions- ONE Each from Bloom's Levels 2-6.

WATER WARS Assignment 1. Answer these questions on a separate sheet of paper.
1. Do you feel it is important to appreciate what you have?
2. Do you feel you appreciate what you have?
3. If Rochester's water was privatized next week, what would you do about it?
4. Do you want to help anyone that does not have clean water?
5. How can you help someone that does not have clean water?
6. What are at least 3 different ways you can help someone that does not have clean water?
Next Sunday, the diocese is having a special second collection for people in Binghamton that have no clean water right now
due to the flooding there.

WATER Wars Assignment 2: letter due Monday. Address to letter to anyone that does not know about this global concern.
Letter needs to be typed and double spaced. Minimum of two pages of writing. Heading space is limited to TWO total SINGLE SPACED Lines. For EX:
Applied Science _ Name
Water Wars Letter _Date
Perspectives for letter:
1.You and your thoughts on the information and situations in the documentary.
2.From the perspective of someone living in any of the areas that have lost access to water.
3.From perspective of someone who gave their life in the Water Wars and what they thought and would think now about the situations around the world.