You will be creating a reenactment of the crime in our room.

Steps to solving the crime.

Create a story of the victim and the crime. Answer the following questions.
A.Who was the victim?
B.What were they doing in the room?
C.What time did this happen?
D.Why was victim in the room at that time instead of another?
E.What did the victim do that may have been the motivation for the crime?
F.What killed the victim?
G.Who are the suspects?
H.Are there witnesses?
I. What did they see?
J.Why was the witness in the area?
K.Do the suspects have alibis?
L.Do the alibis check out?- meaning to they match the time of the crime to prove innocence.
M.The suspect(s) that do not have real alibis- did they have motive? What was it?
N.If the motive and the opportunity are there for the same suspect- that is your person.
O.How did you catch the suspect? Where? When? How?
P. How did the suspect match our forensic tests? (Blood typing, fingerprinting)

Case: 001 closed