Marine Biology Chapter 8- Fishes

We will focus on SHARKS for this chapter.
Ch.8 notes will look at many different aspects of fish, including Sharks
Active Reading of all Shark sections in the book is important and outlined below.

For Tuesday Feb. 7- SHARK TEST based on Ch.8 Reading(Below), diagrams(link below), and dissection.

Due in CLASS Monday Feb.6: To help you review you will be creating your own quiz, I will then construct the test based upon student questions and my own.

Your task today in class: Due Before the end of class.


2 T/F Questions

8 Multiple Choice

5 Short Answer

Please include an answer key.

When you finish switch with someone and take their test

on a separate sheet of paper.

For Wednesday Feb.1: Actively read ALL SHARK SECTIONS

in CHAPTER 8: Blue Headings: Cartilaginous Fish(Pg.153-154), Shark!(Box on Pg.157), Locomotion(Pg.159-160), Feeding(Pg.160), Figure 8.14a, Figure 8.16a, Ampullae of Lorenzini (Pg. 166), and any other awesome info you want to read about.(Pg.171-Latimeria) or (Pg. 170 and bottom of 171)

On Weds Feb 1 in class: Shark Dissection Diagrams: