The crime scene final sketch is a detailed drawing of the crime scene to depict as much detail as possible.

In YOUR packet on pages 17-20. On these pages look at the Final Sketch example on pg. 17 and 19 for a style example.

On your computer, you will use Google SketchUp to draw your crime scene. If it is not installed on your machine, please Google search for sketchup and download/install. I have temporarily removed install restrictions for this period if you need to do this.

YOUR GRADE: You will earn points for including each necessary item in the list below.
You will also earn points for the accuracy of your 3D model
1. North wall-2pts
2. Counter and Sinks-3
3. Windows and East wall with shelves-6pts
4. Lab table(including doors and overhangs)- 6pts
5. Tiled floor-2pts
6. Blue Line on floor-3pts
7. Outlines of bodies-6pts
8. Blood-3pts
9. Bullet and test tube tray- 4pts
10. Bobbie pin- 2pts
11. Bag- 2 pts

The crime scene final sketch needs to include:

1. NAME and Title -You make up the title based upon case. (Ex:The Day the Music Died)

2. Date

3. Investigator's names- Your group you looked for evidence with.

4.Sketch prepared by.


6.Case number: 001

7. Position of body-drawn

8.fixed objects-furniture, walls, doors, etc.

9.Evidence locations and numbers

10.Blood drips, trails, spatters

11.Points of entry/exit

12.Measurements- if not exact- Type Not To Scale

13.Label N, S, E, W

14.A legend with evidence numbered and written.