You should go over ALL TESTS/quizzes AND labs FOR THE entire YEAR.
FOR ALL Tests:you should look back at the chapter notes also.

The test is TWO DAYS- June 8 (Wednesday) and June 9 (Thursday )

Day 1: Multiple Choice and Short Answer from Majority of the year. Also CHOICE OF ONE ARTICLE out of many with questions about article and general topic questions-Topics will include: Climate, Marine Bio, Lab animal Anatomy, Dissections and Forensic Sciences.

Day 2: Articles from the entire year,(choice of 1 out of 3) AND Solving a forensic case.


An example of questions from an environmental research article may contain some of these questions:
Why is this an environmental issue?
Where is it an issue?
How much does it/can it affect the environment if not addressed by humans?
What statistics are out there to explain the situation/circumstances?
When did this problem start? -Is there a specific event/person/company that began the problem?
What major events have occurred with this issue in the past year? 5 years? 15years? 30 years? 100years?
Find major companies/research/universities/activist groups/websites devoted to addressing this issue.
What do all these places have in common? What ties them together?
Do they share similar motivations for addressing the issue?
What are the reasons they address the issue?
Most places are looking for support or public awareness- How are these places doing this?

Where is this issue heading? Who is leading the charge? How?
What can you do to help?

Moving toward action in climate.
Link to Maldives episode:

Part I: Multiple Choice- Directly from notes.

YOUR Test directions-Part I: Multiple Choice. Please select the correct answer following each question. Please write your answer on the answer sheet provided.

NOTES You need to STUDY:

1.All vocab- enough to recognize in questions and multiple choice.
2.Ocean notes- ALL animals and ocean levels.
3.Beaches Notes-mainly vocab-, ocean zones-depth, flora, fauna, general ocean facts (including percentages- ex:71% of Earth's surface is ocean) acidification.
4.Forensic notes from crime scene introduction through to toxicology.
5. Forensic LABS- skills, purposes, how they help investigators, what they tell about a crime scene.
6. Climate-Dangers and causes of climate change. Effects of change. Countries in danger of flooding from sea level rise.

Part II: Exact directions on test-Part II: Short answer, reading analysis. You will read a short section from selected readings from the first semester as well as some new material. For each you will be asked general comprehension questions as well as overall themes and connections to our covered topics.
Write answers on this test.

Essay- three pages. Write a formal explanation of your position on the issue. Using the information in the article-(at least 5 facts or parts) state your position clearly, support that position with the information, ethical and moral reasons, practical reasons, possible scientific benefits, why you are correct, why your friend should vote this way, and tell your friend what to vote for, cause they are your best friend, they believe you.

Reading I: From the Environmental Protection Agency website- gas

Reading II: natural gas article.

Reading III: New article- natural gas

Reading IV: natural gas